RESAN - the cancer Vaccine. Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the RESAN vaccine help stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma?

We are not proposing RESAN immunotherapy as a monotherapy for stage 4 cancers, including rhabdomyosarcoma.

The indications for RESAN vaccine treatment are stage 1 and 2 cancers whose total volume do not exceed as defined for each given tumor type.

CancerHelp UK describes the traditional methods of treatments for rhabdomyosarcoma (which are recommended by some official medical institutions). Obviously, in 2002 none of cancer vaccines have been registered in any part of the world. So naturally, the immunotherapy of tumors is not a topic of discussion with the authors of this article. We feel that they do not understand the actual problem of immunotherapy in depth.

RESAN company was not cooperating with any of Mexican clinics in 2002 and it is not working with them today either. We are also aware that there were a number of clinics along the Northern Mexican border in 2002, which used to offer alternative methods of treatments for late stage cancer. It can be understood that these methods of treatments were practiced there as there are almost no possible system to get the European and other countries' products of these type to get registered in the FDA of USA and to market inside USA. Sadly; it is a fact that their system allows to register and market only the American products or products which are closely affiliated with US FDA companies.

It is true that RESAN vaccine has not undergone clinical trials under National Cancer Institute of the USA, but the authors of the article should have been aware that there are so many other valid Institutes in the world beside NCI which can approve new drugs.

Many people may ask the question: how could a single vaccine may be effective against such broad types of tumors?

It seems that the authors do not understand that RESAN vaccine fundamentally differ from auto vaccines which work against only one type of disease. The wide spectrum of RESAN action is due to special composition of xenogeneic tumor antigen imitators, the detail mechanism of vaccine action has been already described earlier. The action of vaccine has been confirmed by many clinical tests.

In fact you can view other examples of wide spectrum vaccines which are under research in the European. For example, in 2000 the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medical Products; EMA has approved an administration of a new vaccine; Hexavac® elaborated by the company PASTEUR MERIEUX MSD. This combined vaccine is used for preventing a group of infections ; diphtheria, tetanus, hooping-cough, poliomyelitis, hepatitis and hemophilic infection type b. In this way the vaccine works against 6 different infections and is released at a dose of 0.5 ml ready for injections.

At this point, we would like to underline the fact once more that above article on the rhabdosarcoma treatment had been posted in 2002 (and we have just sighted this article for the first time) and the article has not been revised since then.
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Чем больше объём метастазов - тем меньше вероятность излечения при помощи вакцины РЕСАН.

Если объём метастазов соединительнотканной злокачественной опухоли более 10 см3, железистой более 50 см3, а эпителиальной более 30 см3, то вероятность излечения вакциной РЕСАН составляет 12% и менее.


The more the volume of metastases, the less the probability to get an absolute cure by the vaccine RESAN.

If the volume of connective-tissue malignant tumor is more than 10 cm3, of epithelial more than 30 cm3 or of glandular more than 50 cm3 – then the probability to get an absolute cure by the vaccine RESAN is 12% and less.