Human health is greatly depends from the condition of his immune system. Every of us have high-specialized immune cells which are supplying the protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminth and tumors.

The objective and complete knowledge about immune system permits to achieve maximal results in prevention and treatment of numerous diseases. Modern scientific investigations in the field of medicine are not possible without exact evaluation of human immune status.

SRE RESAN is manufactured for scientific and clinical investigations the test-systems Bioscan-М1 (on the basis of monoclonal antibodies) for immune status evaluation and blood cells typing. These test-systems are adapted for Digital Fluorescent Robotized Microscope-Analyzer Bioscan F6000 and flow cytometers BECKMAN COULTER CYTOMICS FC 500.


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Чем больше объём метастазов - тем меньше вероятность излечения при помощи вакцины РЕСАН.

Если объём метастазов соединительнотканной злокачественной опухоли более 10 см3, железистой более 50 см3, а эпителиальной более 30 см3, то вероятность излечения вакциной РЕСАН составляет 12% и менее.


The more the volume of metastases, the less the probability to get an absolute cure by the vaccine RESAN.

If the volume of connective-tissue malignant tumor is more than 10 cm3, of epithelial more than 30 cm3 or of glandular more than 50 cm3 – then the probability to get an absolute cure by the vaccine RESAN is 12% and less.